Plavac Mali?

Have you ever tasted a wine by the name of Plavac Mali?  If not, you don’t know what you are missing! 

We have arrived at the time of year when I start thinking less about whites and lighter reds and more about bigger red wines.  As the weather starts to chill, I think about rich warming red wines and Plavac Mali, (plǎːʋat͡s mǎli) from Croatia is one of those wines.  Rich is a word that first comes to mind when I think of Plavac Mali wine, full-bodied, rich and savory. The color is intense, with a dense ruby color and hints of purple (pomegranate comes to mind) when young.  The aromas and flavors range from black berries, dark cherries, figs and plums, dried cranberries, pepper, smoke, sage, leather, cedar, hints of herbs and dark chocolate.  It has an elegant and bold flavor.  The powerful but rounded tannins and juicy, long-lasting juicy, aftertaste of most of these wines is memorable.

Plavac Mali is a versatile food wine. It will be your new autumn and winter go to; perfect for rich stews, heavy meat and mushroom dishes, charcuterie and don’t forget barbecue!  I am also happy to enjoy it on its own. Great selection available at, shipping to most US States, and Mirena will be sure to help you with your selections, @croatianpremiumwine. More information on these wines to follow! ~Annemarie

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