If you’re looking to host a wine and/or dine event, Wine by Annemarie offers a variety of fun, educational and engaging options. At Wine By Annemarie, I strive to present events that provide clients the opportunity to learn about wine and/or wine and food pairing combinations in an approachable and relaxed environment.

Some of my event offerings include:

Wine and Food tours in wine regions around the world.

Introduction to Understanding and Appreciating Wine
A chance to learn about wine and have fun doing it! I start out discussing some basics of winemaking and the various components of wine. A chance to explore what is in your glass and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of wine. The topics can range from black glass tastings, the major wines of the world, local wines to particular types of wines and varieties, like Sparkling Wines, Rieslings, Red wines, Dessert wines, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Dinner and Wine Pairing
In a friendly and casual atmosphere, I share my love of wine and information that will help understand what it is that we like about wine and our individual wine preferences.  For a typical dinner/wine pairing event, I start out by discussing the major components of wine and explain how to assess what is in your glass.  I encourage people to explore the flavors, taking into account the wine flavor profiles so they can understand what they like and why. As we eat, I urge participants to consider why and how the food and wine work well together and instances when they may not.  I give attendees time to think about what they taste and to share their experience and observations with their friends and/or colleagues. Throughout the event, I will give participants the “tools” that will enable them to more confidently select wine that will nicely complement what they are eating.  The pairing, education, and social environment combine to create an enjoyable event replete with good wine and food, culture and camaraderie.

Locavore Wine and Food Pairings
As with the Dinner and Wine Pairing (and always in a fun and welcoming environment), I will introduce basic information that will help participants understand what they like about the wine they drink. Likewise, I will discuss the various components of wine and describe how to assess what is in a glass of wine. The focus in this event offering, however, will be on wine and food from the Finger Lakes region. Not only will I share my passion for this area, but I will also explain the geography and other dynamics that influence the wine and food produced locally.  I encourage participants to reflect on the typical characteristics of the Finger Lakes that I’d presented as we taste local cheeses or chocolates (or both). I ask them to consider whether the food and wine work well together and why and to share their thoughts with their friends/colleagues.  Throughout the event I will provide attendees with “tools” that will help them choose wine that pairs well with what they plan to cook or eat.  If you seek an event that combines great wine and food with local flavor, this is the one for you.

International Wine and Food Pairings
My International Wine and Food Pairings follow the same formula as that of the Dinner and Wine Pairing and Locavore Wine and Food Pairing events but present an international focus. During these pairings, I will share information about the wine, culture and food from many places around the world, such as Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, USA, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, just to name a few. We will explore how geography and culture influence the wine and food as we discuss and sample the type of wine and food combinations that tend to work best. These pairing events are your passport to cultural wine and food tasting bliss….

Business Meal Etiquette
Have you ever found yourself at a business function/meal and wondered what exactly is the proper protocol? In a relaxed environment, I share the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” necessary to get through a business meal comfortably and with decorum.  Topics I cover include, but are not limited to: how to behave, in general; how to treat the host or to be the host; what you should or should not order when it comes to food and beverages; and how to order the right wine to accompany the food ordered. I also give an overview of wine – the major wine components, basic flavor profiles, how to assess the wine in a glass, and general tips to wine and food pairing. During these sessions, I arm attendees with the “tools” they need to come through a business meal with flying colors, impressing clients, prospective employers or bosses!

I am always flexible and happy to customize an event to fit your needs. Just contact me and we can discuss the ideas, possibilities are endless!

Cover photo by Mark Sanford.

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