“Equilibrium – is a state of balance” This was Annemarie’s excellent concept for training us on wine tasting before we judged wines for the New Mexico State Fair Wine Competition.   She taught us that balance in the wine overall is most important.  We especially used her pointers in the selection of the award winners for the competition.  As a wine judge, and with over 215 wines submitted, I can say that the medal winners all sang in “harmony”.  Thank you Annemarie for the great insight and tips! Cheers  – Keith Powell, President, NM Vine & Wine Society MRG and Wine Tasting Aficionado

“I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of Annemarie’s wine tasting events. I enjoy her open friendly atmosphere. She is truly knowledgeable about the wine and the wine regions, always including some interesting facts. It’s obvious she loves what she’s doing as she answers every question with a big smile. Thank you Annemarie, I look forward to the next event.” Judy Kirtland

“We recently attended Annemarie’s Sparkling Wine event, which we found very enjoyable. It provided us with the chance to get to know other people, as we recently moved to Ithaca. We enjoy learning about the wine industry, both locally and internationally; Annemarie is very knowledgeable in these areas. We find that the wine with the different food pairings gives us a whole new experience. Her use of visuals helps us compare the different regions where the grapes originate and she provides the history behind the specific wine making techniques. She is always ready to answer questions, and her presentations are organized but she maintains a relaxed educational atmosphere.” Diane and Dan Doyle

I love wine and love food & drink events, especially those at which I can learn, and I knew Annemarie would be amazing at combining fun and education. She is an amazing host; professional, knowledgeable and fun. She picked some great wines and cheeses at the event that I attended and allowed us to taste in a flexible but constructive manner. Karen Eldredge

Annemarie is a very special evangelist for the novice (and probably for the experts as well) of wines and wineries. Her knowledge and pure joy of wines became almost contagious. We never knew much about wines or wine making so going to Annemarie’s talks and meetings opened a whole new world for my family and I. I now know what to look for, how to sample, and how to value. We’re also getting much better at food and wine pairing choices. Annemarie certainly brought a whole new world into our cooking and entertaining. Roger Jagoda

Cover photo by Mark Sanford.

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